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Birding is the second most popular North American pastime.

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Birding Facts - Woodpecker


Ask anyone and they'll tell you that North America has gone to the birds! And, from the standpoint of public interest in birdwatching and birding, it's true. By one estimate, the percentage of birdwatching Americans grew from just 4% in 1970 to an amazing 56% by 1985. And there has been no sign of a let-up since then. According to the Southern Research Station, birding is second only to gardening as a leisure pursuit and has grown by 155% over the last 12 years.

As part of this trend, home backyard birding has taken off as more and more homeowners discover the pleasures of attracting songbirds to their backyards. It is estimated that the amount spent by Americans on birdseed and feeding equipment exceeds $12 billion annually. Birds are big business and a major hobby throughout North America.



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