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Did you know?
One of the major competitors for a bird's food is the squirrel.

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Feeding Birds

With a little know-how and patience you too can make your property a meeting place for cardinals, hummingbirds and mockingbirds, robins, nuthatches and blue jays. A feeder placed within sight of a kitchen or picture window will give you a front row seat to watch the comings and goings of some of nature's most beautiful and lively creatures. And you'll be helping out at the same time as the many thousands of backyard feeders play an increasingly important role in assisting migratory songbirds through their stressful fall and spring migration periods. 

In most cases, there are only three things you have to provide: a steady food supply, abundant water and an environment secure from animals, not only predators but the birds' chief competitor for food, the resourceful and determined "Pesky the Squirrel". (See Controlling Squirrels)


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